Here are all 10 of the jiggys to find in mumbo's mountain.

  1. Beak-bust the hut's next to mumbo's hut and one of the huts will have a jiggy.
  2. Give chimpy an orange from conga's tree.
  3. After giving the orange and getting that jiggy, go up to bottles's mole hill and go left. Jump on the platforms untill you get to a switch with gruntilda's face on it. Beak-bust the switch and a jiggy will end up at the begining of the level where you opened the doors to the world.
  4. Jump on to one of the skull's eyes of mumbo's hut.
  5. A jiggy will be sitting on one of the platforms where the level started.
  6. Find all of the jinjo's.
  7. Defeat congo the ape.
  8. Before you defeat congo, step on an orange switch that is around conga's tree. He'll throw an orange at you. Run away and if done correctly, he will hit the switch. Do that to all the other switches around the tree.
  9. Go to mumbo and turn into a termite and go up the giant hill.
  10. Go to the mole-hill where you learnt the talon trot and infront of you will be a jiggy