This is also called Crunch time. In the first phase, Crunch will press the first button which will make rocks of fire fall down, run away from the rocks untill crunch gets tired for no reason. shoot him with the fruit bazooka and crunch will punch Cortex, making Cortex fall down to were you are. Spin Cortex and then Uka Uka will carry Cortex back to were he was. Then Crunch will make rocks of ice come from the sides, to dodge these, you go right in front of cortex and the rocks will pass you. Then crunch will make the Fire rock come so do what you did last time. Shoot Crunch again and spin Cortex again. Then Crunch will Make parts of the floor set on fire. do what you did to avoid the ice rocks and you will not burn, stay there when the ice rocks come and then run away from the fire rocks. Shoot Crunch and pin Cortex again and crunch will go to his final phase. He will make lines of electricity come so stay on the part to avoid the fire and ice rocks, avoid the Rocks and shoot crunch. Then spin Cortex and you will win.